Garnetbank Primary Creative Residency – March Update

Creative in Residence, Leah Miller-Biot has written her latest update about the project:

My latest block of sessions with the P6 girls has been wonderful, I feel I’ve put into practice what I learned with my first group. I did two sessions with them in the school and am doing the final 3 in Fleming House at GSA. For the off site sessions I was supported by Harriet Simms and the inimitable Miss Douglas, a former Garnetbank Primary teacher and a big art lover. Working with Miss Douglas was an invaluable learning experience, she’s goofy and lovable, and keeps the children engaged by asking them to reflect what they’ve discovered back to the group. It’s the kind of thing you can only learn by watching an expert at work. The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the course of the last few months has been about breaking an activity down into manageable steps for the age group. In fact, simplifying an activity allows the children to take it in the direction that they want to explore, and allows them to learn a new skill at a pace that is right for them. 

With this group I decided to try carefully planning the sessions around a theme, I chose a clip from David Attenborough’s Green Planet which was all about the ‘Resurrection Plant’, the Selaginella lepidophylla, a tumble weed that can live for years with no moisture looking dead and dried up, but that comes to life and unfurls it’s leaves when it eventually finds moisture. Over the last three weeks we’ve been making masks and costumes to ‘unfurl in’ like our plant, and the children have even been cultivating their own resurrection plant.

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