Garnetbank Creative Residency – Artist Announced

Leah Miller-Biot – Toys for Survival Exhibition, Glasgow Women’s Library, 2020.

We are delighted to announce that Leah Miller-Biot is the creative in residency at Garnetbank Primary School this academic year. Leah, a GSA Painting and Printmaking graduate, is an artist and a play worker based in Glasgow. Individually and through group workshops, she works playfully through sculpture, painting, drawing and textiles exploring both their formal considerations and the degree to which artworks can function as toys – mediating the relationships between bodies and their environments. She choses materials that act as sponges for feelings and creates objects to be endlessly rearranged around complexities of layered emotional states. She is also interested in play as a radical, community building activity, a way to share pleasure and connect our bodies and selves to each other. 

The residency will run from November 2021 to June 2022 and Leah will develop and deliver a  series of creative and collaborative workshops and activities with pupils at the school with the aim of developing and encouraging creative practice and exploration for both the pupils and the Creative. Based on developing one or more of the School’s key themes, this residency is an opportunity to develop a project or series of interventions within a primary school setting and to provide a more diverse set of experiences and skills for the pupils, staff and parents.

Find out more about Leah’s practice and previous work on her website.

We will be posting regular updates about residency on this blog and our Twitter.

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